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Churn Analysis

Cutting margins to the bone is not a long-term solution to high churn rates. In a dynamic market you need new ways to retain customers. The high acquisition costs and slim profit margins of each customer make churn analysis vital to help you identify and retain the most profitable. While utility marketing intelligence allows you to identify situations where churn becomes a risk, and build loyalty by placing customers at the heart of everything you do.

Utility marketing intelligence is crucial to deliver a joined up message across all your customer touch points. It reveals which programmes help retain customers, and which communication channels carry the message most effectively. It gives you the ability to deliver the flexible, personalised customer communication this market demands.

Solution Brief

How can we better target customers to reduce churn and grow wallet share?


How can utility marketing analysis help my company reduce churn and optimise profit margins?

Our solutions integrate data from all touch points to provide a deep understanding of customer attitudes, profitability and risk. They enable you to improve targeting and design a multi-channel communication strategy that optimises ROI, customer retention and value. EDF Energy told us, "SAS helps us with our goal to increase the value of profitable customers-while maintaining our green credentials and promoting energy efficiency."

  • Identify high value customers: Modelling and ranking your customer base identifies the customers you want to retain. External marketing data is then added to the profiles so you can target the most profitable customers in acquisition strategies.
  • Optimise retention campaigns: Design campaigns according to churn and value probabilities. Improved segmentation allows you to personalise products and tariffs and execute flexible, highly targeted, cost-effective campaigns.
  • Optimise the communication mix: So customers get the right message, at the right time. By knowing which customers to target with insurance plans or green tariffs you optimise value-added service opportunities and further reduce churn. Our solutions help you ensure your customer service stands out from the crowd

How SAS solutions can help:

  • Provides single view of customers by integrating data from all channels.
  • Enhances targeting and determines most appropriate channel with advanced analytics.
  • Automatically targets customers when changes in behaviour indicate churn risk.
  • Ensures consistency and meets customer expectations of a joined-up experience with automated process across all channels.

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Solution Brief

How can we better target customers to reduce churn and grow wallet share?