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Asset Maintenance Management

Managed efficiently, assets can make a strategic contribution to your businesses P&L. Distribution network management to improve ageing water pipes, maintain linear assets, or carry out reinforcement to meet predicted load growth must meet stringent regulatory constraints and cost controls. Predictive asset maintenance management is crucial to minimise disruption to service, satisfy regulators and consumers and maximise shareholder value.

Traditional distribution network maintenance is based on meter and calendar-based intervals. Resource intensive, subject to false alerts and driven by domain knowledge and bias, it fails to maximise ROCE and ROIC. Predictive, analytic-based, asset maintenance management improves the uptime of crucial assets and reduces unscheduled maintenance. It also satisfies regulators' increased focus on the quality of asset data. Consistent, clean data allows you to present your case robustly to regulators.

White Paper

Driving Corporate Performance with Predictive Maintenance Solutions


How can my company manage assets more efficiently to optimise P&L?

A cross-industry study published by the US Department of Energy confirmed the significant benefits of predictive maintenance. Results showed a ten-fold increase in ROI, up to 30% reduction in maintenance costs, and up to 45% reduction in downtime.

  • Asset health analysis: Health indices enable condition-related risks to be quantified and deterioration rates to be monitored and forecast. Our approach reveals the root causes of failure, not just the symptoms. Running assets at peak performance allows you to improve quality and reduce costs.
  • Maintenance schedule optimisation: An analytics-based framework allows you to detect maintenance frequencies with more accuracy. It enables you to plan maintenance with confidence and actively prevent failure. By reducing shutdowns you reduce the risk of lost revenue.
  • Increase profitability: We help you maximise the use of maintenance resources to meet goals for profitability, safety and environmental compliance.

How SAS solutions can help:

  • Fact-based analysis and prediction offer superior diagnostics.
  • Improves visibility, monitoring and early warning.
  • Predictive modelling helps avoid incidents that cause outages.
  • Provides in-service condition of assets in real time.
  • Delivers clean, consistent data to present to regulators.

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White Paper

Driving Corporate Performance with Predictive Maintenance Solutions