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Network Cost Management

With networks running parallel 3G and GPRS networks, third party backhaul agreements need to be continually reviewed. Rates constantly change and traffic must be re-rated quickly. The huge growth in networks and traffic means systems are no longer aligned. The results, from inflated wholesale line costs to misguided capacity planning, is reduced EBIT.

Advanced analytics allow you to optimise network cost management. They ensure you understand your assets and optimise interactions with suppliers. They highlight opportunities and iron out difficulties. Each billing account contains millions of records. By integrating and analysing huge volumes of data, our solutions deliver a visibility into network traffic that lets you manage relationships with your backhaul partners proactively. Accurate bills and prompt settlement translate into better profit margins.


Network Analytics: The future of network management


How can I control network expenditure without impacting on service?

The estimated gross revenue losses through unidentified or unresolved leakage across the service value chain are 14%. After introducing our interconnect management solutions, a fixed line operation in the UK saved £12 million off their first supplier invoice.

  • Analyse performance: Increased visibility of your own and suppliers' performance improves your understanding of network profitability. Identify where suppliers are failing on SLAs and track improvement.
  • Consolidate networks: Identify orphaned inventory to minimise costs and optimise use of current assets. Understand usage and the value of existing assets.
  • Single network view: Locate, cleanse and integrate data to avoid over-payment and improve forecasting. Predict the cost of growing network usage with precision and improve budget planning.
  • Detect billing errors: Manual payment and billing dispute resolutions are time-consuming and prone to error. Automation speeds settlement and increases accuracy. Auditable reports help settle disputes fast.
  • Increase margins: Compare rates and functionality from current and potential interconnect partners to determine the optimum route for destinations, fast.

How SAS solutions can help:

  • Reconcile financial, network and usage data to increase insight.
  • Identify best partners with supplier scorecards based on past performance.
  • Uncover issues impacting network performance.
  • Empower frontline staff with Web-enabled system that delivers information in seconds.
  • Highly scalable to keep pace with growth in data.

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White Paper

Network Analytics: The future of network management