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Telco Performance Analytics

As revenue from traditional charging mechanisms continues to decline, it's time to re-evaluate your business models. Traditional business intelligence struggles to make sense of the scale of information Telcos generate. Although most Telcos understand the potential benefits of analytics, the potential is still largely untapped.

Our solutions help major communications service providers worldwide exploit the opportunities offered by Telco performance analytics. In a market where service is a key differentiator, our network performance monitoring and customer insight helps you stand out from the crowd. We enable you to respond to challenges by optimising your network infrastructure, reducing costs and improving performance.

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CIO Best Practices in Customer Data Management

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  Customer Insight   Operational Insight

Customer Base Marketing:
Deliver consistent, effective multi-channel campaigns

Debt Management Analytics:
Improve billing resolution and minimise bad write offs

Network Cost Management: Identify where you may be over providing for backhaul services.

Call Centre Management: Predict call volume flows with accuracy.

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White Paper

CIO Best Practices in Customer Data Management