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Debt Management Analytics

Debt management analytics integrates billing, Web and call centre data to identify the risk of debt fast. A single model to distinguish paying subscribers from non-paying ones delivers classifications that are too broad. Telco debt management analysis uncovers which customers can't or won't pay, and avoids alienating loyal customers. It helps increase revenue and reduce churn as customers who are good credit risks continue to make calls. Cutting a subscriber off increases the likelihood that the debt will never be collected.

Telco debt management analysis accurately models the risk and value of prospective, new and long-term customers. It identifies the most cost-effective recovery strategies for different segments of customers. Once you understand behaviour you can optimise treatment plans and avoid high-risk customers. Debt management analytics enables you to increase the effectiveness of collection and protect your reputation within resourcing constraints.

Case Study

Polish wireless provider taps into big savings with SAS®


How can my company optimise debt management?

We helped Polkomtel attain a threefold decrease in bad debt and churn. They told us, “With SAS, we've improved our collection efficiency while also increasing customer satisfaction. We used to be the conservative group that kept sales from signing up customers. Now we can help them plan promotions that will bring in the right customers.”

  • Improved profiling: Understand the factors that dictate credit risk. Minimise your exposure to high-risk customers. Know who to steer towards pre-paid plans and who can afford contracts with added features.
  • Fine-tune collection: Careful segmentation of debtors allows more flexible pursuit. Some customers may just need a text message reminder to pay a bill. Others will need a more active approach.
  • Reduce bad debt: Identify problems before default occurs and increase your ability to implement highly targeted intervention strategies fast.
  • Safeguard your reputation: Apply pressure only where it's really needed, improving resource allocation and lowering the cost of managing bad debt.

How SAS solutions can help:

  • Cluster subscribers into groups based on willingness and / or ability to pay.
  • Identify which customers are self-healing and which need to be contacted, through a range of propensity models such as ‘likelihood to default’.
  • Ensure most appropriate and cost-effective strategy for each subscriber with real-time profiling in call centres.

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Case Study

Polish wireless provider taps into big savings with SAS®