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Customer Base Marketing

Consistent, personalised customer service and continued innovation are unique selling points in a saturated market. Highly targeted customer base marketing campaigns are a key component of this strategy.

But campaign management tools are only as good as the quality of your data. Our customer base marketing solutions delivers the detailed customer profiles required for targeted marketing. Cleansed, integrated and analysed it can tell you which customers are most likely to respond to which message and the best communication channel to use. Real-time decisioning enables you to realise the full potential of multichannel marketing. And by revealing group dynamics we help you leverage previously unknown connections among virtual communities inside telecom networks.

Our approach enables you to deliver consistent, personalised customer base marketing that meets customer expectations of a joined-up experience.


How can I optimise the management of multi-channel communications?

Our solutions helped Rogers Wireless double the number of campaigns they ran each month achieving better results with the same number of staff. They explained, "SAS helps us to be more targeted and more relevant to the customer so we can stay ahead of our competition."

  • Insight: Our solutions offer unprecedented understanding of your customers. Improve segmentation to personalise products and tariffs. Execute highly targeted, multi-channel campaigns faster and with more flexibility.
  • Streamline campaigns: Gain the knowledge to optimise your communication mix. Your customers get the right message at the right time and in the right way. You increase take up of value-added services and increase ROI.
  • Real-time decisioning: Integrate data from every customer contact to help join the dots. Increase customer value and reduce churn. Our Web-based platform means next time a customer calls your front-line operators are ready with the best offer.
  • Friends and family analysis: Identify networks of friends and families based on relationships between customers. Uncover the leaders, followers and affiliates, allowing you to better target key influencers.

How SAS solutions can help:

  • Integrate data from all channels for single view of customers.
  • Enhance targeting and determine most appropriate channel with advanced analytics.
  • Introduce automation to ensure consistency across all channels.
  • Identify customers in virtual communities with significant influence over others.
  • Fine tune campaigns with ongoing analysis.

Ready to learn more?

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