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Call Centre Management

In a saturated market selling similar products, customer service is the key differentiator. As the first port of call between service provider and customer, call centre management is crucial. Our call centre software drives the higher productivity and better customer service that increase profitability and stakeholder value.

Call centre management allows you to plan staff, equipment and facilities in the short and long-term. To be prepared for unusually busy times and slow times as well. To plan for changing market conditions instead of merely reacting. Call centre software offers the highly accurate, fast forecasting of call volumes you need. It uncovers the underlying dynamics of internal and external events. Once you understand how billing runs, marketing campaigns, public holidays or huge sporting events affect call volume flows you can plan for them.

Solution Brief

Five steps to resource optimisation


How can my company improve customer satisfaction and reduce operational costs?

Our predictive analytic solutions enable a 5,000-agent call centre with current forecasting accuracy of 80% to realise a saving of up to £4-5M in the first year. We helped Avantas cut forecasting times from 80 hours to eight, and improve accuracy by 13%.

  • Accurately Forecast Staff Levels: Accurate, long-term forecasting allows you to better plan for future skill mix, ensuring that recruitment leads rather than lags demand.
  • Plan daily staff rotas: Based on detailed hourly forecasts that allow you to plan for peak and off peak inbound call volumes.
  • Accelerate root-cause analysis: Identify factors that affect first-call resolution, response times, and abandonment rates. Then use this insight to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Improve marketing planning: Ensure that inbound calls generated by marketing campaigns can be resourced in the call centres. Don't run the risk of degrading customer service by overwhelming available capacity with too many parallel campaigns.

How SAS solutions can help:

  • Adjust models and immediately receive updated forecasts - crucial for 24/7 environments.
  • Add, change and update information easily from both internal and external sources.
  • Predict call centre resource demands by service, skill-set and geographic location.
  • Secure web-based environment enables decision makers to share information.

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Solution Brief

Five steps to resource optimisation