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Predictive Policing

Police forces are under pressure to be more effective in dealing with crime. They are also under pressure to become more efficient in a tough economic climate.

How can you manage these conflicting pressures, rather than just react to each event as it happens?

There are complex interrelationships between criminals, crime types and other variables, but SAS can help you identify them, give you intelligence you can act on, and put you ahead in the fight against crime.

By using predictive policing to reinforce traditional techniques, you will have the information you need to be proactive in the fight against crime. And predict the impact of local crime trends on resourcing and skills.

With predictive policing identifying the trends and patterns in service performance, you will be able to deploy your available officers to maximum effect.

SAS is very powerful... it saves a huge amount of time and resources.

Nick Churchill, Database Administrator

Gloucester Constabulary

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How can SAS help?

Predictive policing can help you discover previously undetected patterns and trends. It enables you to identify complex interrelationships between offenders, crime types, locations and police numbers. It helps you visualise the trends and patterns - geographically and over time.

By using SAS, you can:

  • Become more effective. SAS can help you detect associations and sequences within the crime statistics that are difficult for the human eye to spot. Once you have visualised the interrelationships, you can act on new risks and potential leads. SAS does not take away your skills - it adds a new dimension to your decision making.
  • Become more efficient. SAS can help you understand your resourcing requirements by accurately predicting future crime levels across locations. It can measure the impact of crime prevention campaigns and guide future strategy. It can also improve operational efficiency by identifying delays in processes and paperwork.

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