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Justice and Policing

The big challenge facing the UK Criminal Justice System is how to reduce costs while at the same time increasing operational effectiveness.

But the data you need to help you achieve this objective probably exists already. The question is how can you turn a vast amount of poorly structured data - often from a collection of incompatible computer systems - into a consistent and reliable set of information so that you can act sensibly on it?

We have to face up to the question how we make savings without damaging public services.

Kenneth Clarke,

Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice

SAS has an unparalleled track record

SAS has an unparalleled track record of delivering appropriate technology to help organisations spend less and do things better.

  • "Moving to SAS was about embedding a stable product that we could rely on" - Andy Mobbs, Risk Information Manager, London Fire Brigade
  • "We are providing operational staff with practical tools for them to use to improve quality." - Nick Crouch, Director of Information, Metropolitan Police
  • "We wanted a solution that would not only enable us to address data quality but also lay the foundations for business intelligence." - Reg Barnard, IS Development Manager, Gloucester Constabulary

What problems are you trying to solve?

  Predictive Policing   Predicting Recidivism   Criminal Network Activity
Predictive Policing:
discover previously undetected patterns and trends in criminal activity

Memex a SAS company:
Identify critical information within huge and disparate data sets to find connections between people, events and places.
Predicting Recidivism:
Find out how SAS can help you discover which programmes work best for which offenders.
Criminal Network Activity:
Detect and prevent serious organised crime

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White Paper

How can Predictive Policing help you fight crime and reduce costs?