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Criminal Network Activity

Detect and prevent serious organised crime

"Organised crime causes significant harm to the UK and its interests, with social and economic costs to the country estimated at between £20 billion and £40 billion per year.

There are assessed to be around 38,000 individuals engaged in organised crime impacting on the UK, involving around 6,000 organised criminal groups. The harsh reality is that law enforcement is impacting on far too few of these criminals."

These words are taken from "Policing in the 21st Century" - the recent consultative paper published by the Home Office. They clearly show the scale of the problem posed by organised crime in Britain today.

Product Brief

SAS® Social Network Analysis: An integral component of the SAS® Fraud Framework

How can SAS help?

SAS has a comprehensive set of technologies that can help you combat organised crime:

  • SAS Fraud Framework - a set of tools designed to detect signs of fraudulent behaviour by searching through banking, insurance or government data. It can help find and prove criminal fraud.
  • SAS Social Network Analysis - a technology that can discover criminal gang relations that would be near impossible to identify without a vast amount of manual effort.
  • Memex - a system that combines intelligent search, information access and data integration with intuitive visual analytics. It can help you predict, prevent and respond to threats in real time.

These three technologies can be combined to form a comprehensive investigation suite. They can search through a mixture of structured and unstructured data, such as:

  • Criminal Records
  • Police Notes
  • Prison Records
  • Names and Addresses
  • Housing Benefit Claims
  • Bank Transactions
  • Phone Records

Not only can these technologies increase the likelihood that you can detect criminal activity, they also:

  • Reduce the time and effort to detect it
  • Uncover a greater weight of evidence to help successful prosecutions
  • Help you monitor organised criminal gangs and identify the key players
  • Improve the chances of recovering the proceeds of crime

Organisations that use SAS to combat organised crime include:

  • Highmark (the largest health insurer in West Virginia) - "We use SAS to enable a finite number of people to handle more cases than they were able to handle before"
  • Mobile TeleSystems (the largest mobile operator in Russia) - SAS as a company has helped us undertake very complex projects - something not all vendors would be able to do."

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White Paper

SAS® Social Network Analysis: An integral component of the SAS® Fraud Framework