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SAS in the Public Sector

Government bodies bear a heavy responsibility. On a daily basis they are called on to make difficult decisions on how to spend taxpayer's money and deliver the vital services that the public needs. Some decisions are monumental in nature, most though are more mundane and routine. At SAS we believe that every decision is important, and can be improved with a better appreciation of the facts involved.

From identifying fire risks in London, to allocating organs to transplant patients, we are proud of the contribution our solutions make to helping UK government bodies make better decisions. With our track record of delivering flexible good-value solutions, on time, and to budget, this is one decision you can make with confidence.

Analytics for Government


What problems are you trying to solve?

  Cross Government   Departmental
Protecting the Public Purse:
From claimant abuse, supplier fraud and data entry error

KPIs in the Public Sector:
Ensuring the effective delivery of policy objectives

Fraud, Error and Debt:
Detecting and preventing the loss of vital resources

Green IT and Sustainability:
Enabling a greener and more efficient organisation

Welfare to Work and Universal Credit:
Using our expertise, the government can turn Universal Credit into a proud legacy, not just another policy reform.

Big Data in the Public Sector:
turning all that data into knowledge is now very easy.

Justice and Policing:
Uncovering the hidden patterns in criminal behaviour

Defence and Security:
Adding analytics to the arsenal

Public Healthcare:
Making use of Health and Social Care Information

Welfare and Tax:
Protecting the Public Purse

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