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Green IT and Sustainability

Enabling a greener and more efficient organisation

When the UK government announced that it is to make the energy consumption of its computer systems carbon neutral within four years, and carbon neutral throughout its entire lifetime by 2012, it became the first government in the world to tackle the carbon footprint of its own computer systems. As a result, public sector organisations are under pressure to demonstrate they run 'green' IT installations as well as to use IT to embed and report on green initiatives across the organisation and the wider community.

Its (SAS) software allows for greater exploration of different environmental issues through a broad range of data. Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

John Watkins

Environmental Informatics Programme

Centre of Ecology & Hydrology

How SAS Can Help

Green IT

Using SAS, organisations can:

  • Optimise their IT resources and services thereby reducing energy and space costs, as well as data centre emissions.
  • Manage, contingency risk, improve quality of service and allocate costs by usage across both physical and virtual server environments.
  • Improve insight into both current and future server utilisation and model the impact of proposed changes.

Use IT to enable a more sustainable organisation

Using SAS, organisations can:

  • Derive insight from internal and external data to identify the current and potential future environmental impact of their operations
  • Embed sustainability into the organisation's overall performance management framework
  • Balance financial, social and environmental considerations to align resources with strategy and optimise organisational performance
  • Improve the accuracy and speed of reporting to stakeholders while reducing reporting costs

Proven Success

Organisations SAS' Green IT and sustainability software include:

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