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Fraud Error and Debt

Detecting and preventing the loss of vital resources

Every £1 wasted through fraud and error is a £1 less available for front-line services.

The NFA reported in June 2013 that fraud and error is costing the UK public sector £20.6 billion. The Cabinet Office is calling for a zero tolerance approach.

Welfare and tax are optimising performance by using proven techniques to tackle fraud and error, such as integrating and analysing numerous data sources and using predictive analytics for data matching and mining which helps identify internal and external fraud as well as overpayments.

However it is not just about identifying the fraud or error, but understanding the risk to enable preventative actions and interventions to be put in place. It is time to optimise behavioral and nudge economics and ensure success. SAS Customer Intelligence allows you to test the right method communication to the right group of citizens.


Proven Experience and Success:

Fraud Whitepaper

All major industries use SAS to tackle fraud and mitigate risk. Public sector customers include:

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Solution Brief

How can you combat fraud and error in the Public Sector?
(New: JULY 2013)