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Defence and Security

Good data makes for better decisions. Whether it is running resupply operations efficiently, or uncovering the criminal networks involved in cross-border trafficking, data can make all the difference. But using data to support of the UK's defence and security forces has challenges.

Critical data is spread over an array of operational systems, data repository, other agencies, and third party suppliers. Extracting data from all these systems is difficult to begin with, but discrepancies between systems impact the confidence you have in the data you see. Then there is searching through the patterns in the data to find out what is relevant and important.

SAS Business Analytics solutions address these real and critical problems for defence and security organisations worldwide.

White Paper
Efficient Modeling & Simulation of Biological Warfare Using Innovative Design of Experiments Methods

Our Solutions

SAS is proud of the solutions we have provided to the Defence and Security services in both the UK and around the world. The range of problems we have addressed include:

  • Odyssey: SAS forms part of the consortium delivering a pan-European platform which will identify and track organised criminals and the weapons they use, across the continent
  • Prometheus: The US Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command (NCDOC) use SAS analytics to look for anomalies or indications of warnings that a computer network attack may occur
  • Predictive Fleet Maintenance: identifying trends in vehicle equipment failure and increasing the operational availability of military assets
  • Military Workforce Planning: Acquire, train, distribute and retain military personnel to meet a broad spectrum of mission needs?

SAS is a trusted supplier to the Defence sector, and our ability to build practical and flexible solutions makes us the clear leader in business intelligence and analytical software and services.


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White Paper

Efficient Modeling & Simulation of Biological Warfare Using Innovative Design of Experiments Methods