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What Big Data Means for the Public Sector

A wealth of data is held by the public sector, tax and welfare records, health records, polling records and so, so much more – turning all that data into knowledge is now very easy.

Used well, the knowledge from big data could drive public sector reform in numerous ways. It can support evidence-based decisions that optimise performance, enhance productivity, increase revenues and reduce costs. And the better understanding of citizens can lead to more tailored services and products, less waste and better uptake of benefits by the needy.

How SAS can help

SAS knows that data is an asset and has experience working with the public and private sector across the world to turn that data into information and that information into knowledge to assist in making evidence based decisions to achieve the outcomes required.

  • Visually explore your big data and make analytics insights available to more More info
  • Gain in-depth insight, quickly, to make policy based decisions More info
  • React more quickly to changing situations and dynamics by evaluating numerous scenarios, simultaneously More info

Proven Success

High-Performance Analytics was launched by SAS in May 2012 and to date we already have a number of great global success stories on how decisions can be made with confidence, in minutes.

  • SAS® High-Performance Analytics underpins growth strategy at one of the UK's largest banks, download the case study


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