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Recoveries Optimisation

Claims pay-outs and loss adjustment expenses can account for as much as 80% of a general insurance company's revenue. To stay profitable, insurers need to identify every opportunity for recovering these costs and find the most effective, efficient way of doing so.

But the evidence that points, for instance, to a collision on a roundabout being staged or a rear-end shunt being misclassified, can be easily missed. Vital information contained in police reports, medical records and loss adjuster's notes goes untapped because it's not computerised. Even when you do spot an opportunity to recover your losses from a third party, costs can spiral out of control until liability is agreed.

What insurers need is a system for analysing their data - wherever it's held in whatever format and at every stage of the claim - that will help them make the right decision, at the right time, for the right party.

Solution Brief

How can we reduce our combined ratio and decrease our loss-adjustment expenses?

How SAS Can Help

SAS can significantly reduce your claims bill. Our solution integrates and interrogates all your claims information, regardless of format. Then it uses advanced modelling techniques to let you confidently predict the best route and outcome for the claim.

  • Find and assess opportunities for recovery: Because SAS scores are integrated with the claims system, you can uncover buried opportunities and identify the claims that have a high probability of full recovery at first notification of loss - or any other stage of the claims cycle.
  • Determine the cost-effectiveness of recovery: Our advanced modelling allows you to make an analytical decision on the amount that can be recovered and the likely cost of recovering it.
  • Identify the best way to manage the claim: SAS analyses how claims have been best managed in the past and applies this to new claims, automatically triggering events during the claims process and helping you minimise legal, credit hire, personal injury and other costs.
  • Settle claims more quickly: The system cuts down the time and cost of recovery by directing claims to the most appropriate investigator or suggesting automatic decision making.

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Solution Brief

How can we reduce our combined ratio and decrease our loss-adjustment expenses?