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Insurance has never been tougher. With little to differentiate products and consumers choosing on price alone, customer retention is a serious concern for all insurers. Then there are the added burdens of stricter regulation and growing operational and claims settlement costs. To prosper, insurers need to take tight control of their costs.

The key to improvement lies in data - a widely available and yet often untapped commodity in the industry. SAS helps businesses - including more than 1,000 insurance companies worldwide - to unlock the full potential of their data. Our solutions use advanced analytics, data mining and reporting to explore, predict and analyse. By helping you speed up processes, use resources more efficiently and detect more fraud, SAS gives you competitive edge in a demanding world.

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Predictive Claims Processing. Transforming the insurance claims life cycle using analytics.

What problems are you trying to solve?

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Settlement optimisation:
Keep costs down using sophisticated modelling and past claims history to determine the most effective path to settlement from first notification of loss.

Recovery optimisation:
Unearth recovery opportunities from unstructured data then use advanced data modelling to predict the best route and outcome for the claim.
Policy renewal:
Keep hold of your best customers by getting to know them better. SAS analytics help you offer customers the products they want, when they need them.

Claims fraud:
Catch more fraud, earlier, by mining, monitoring and analysing your data to detect even the most subtle patterns and behaviours.
Solvency II:
Our insurance-specific data model, data management capabilities and risk analysis and reporting will prepare your organisation for regulation now and as it evolves.

Insurance Operational Risk:
Understand the true nature of risk across your organisation - so that you can manage it, avoid it and turn it into opportunities.

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SAS ranks as a leader in Chartis RiskTech100 report (November 2010)

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Predictive Claims Processing. Transforming the insurance claims life cycle using analytics.