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Supply Chain Planning

Manufacturers able to carry out automated, frequent, long- and short-term demand forecasting on a large scale gain a competitive advantage. A great product is no longer enough. Success depends on ensuring appropriate inventory and effective supply chain planning. Failure to control stock has a huge influence on business: lost sales opportunities caused by short stock and unnecessary costs incurred by excess inventory.

Accurate demand forecasting is vital for supply chain planning. In particular for those manufacturers who are highly dependent on seasonal contract workers, or where long lead times delay input orders. WIP inventory, too, can only be minimised by accurate demand forecasts that enable timely supplies of components.

Recent demand sensing solutions tend to be "behind the curve" reacting to rather than anticipating the impact of external events. Demand-driven forecasting is crucial to the supply chain optimisation that will maximise manufacturers' profit margins.

White Paper

Integrating Consumer Demand to Improve Shipment Forecasts


How can my company optimise supply chain planning to maximise profit margins?

Accurate long- and short-term demand forecasting is key. Our demand-driven forecasting gave the Kirin Brewery Company time to respond to, and meet, their customers' changing tastes for lower-alcohol products. It also helped AmBev, Latin America's largest beverage company, improve product turnover rate by 50 per cent, lower transportation costs, reduce sales dispersions and increase profit margins.

How SAS solutions can help:

We offer solutions that simple forecasts struggle with.

  • With forecasts tailored to different stages of a product's life cycle, or to those with low frequency of demand, you can allow for staple, niche, and new products
  • Go beyond product characteristics, segment forecasts by geographical location or channel
  • Factor in promotions including substitution and cross-sell impacts to understand how you can shape the demand for your brands
  • Adjust to seasonal patterns of demand, from day of the week to seasonal holidays
  • Incorporate the impact of external events like taxation changes and sports events into long-term forecasts

Our solutions go beyond demand sensing. By helping you understand the key levers that have driven demand historically, we provide the knowledge you need to shape demand in the future.


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White Paper

Integrating Consumer Demand to Improve Shipment Forecasts