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SAP Reporting

SAP or other ERP data systems contain a wealth of information. Unlocked, they could provide the answers manufacturers need for their business to grow: from identifying opportunities more quickly, to understanding local markets. However, the challenge for most users lies in producing meaningful management reports from them.

ERP data systems are primarily transaction processing rather than analytic, which has frustrated the promise of better reporting capabilities. The SAP reporting systems that do exist lack the tools to incorporate data from other systems, which limits their usefulness. It leaves them unable to identify the cause and effect of problems that cross-organisational boundaries, particularly where some of the data resides outside SAP.

Most SAP reporting systems are more of an afterthought: less flexible, less user-friendly and reliant on report delivery through IT.

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Power Your Supply Chain with Analytics


How can I more easily access the ERP data my company needs to increase competitiveness?

SAS enables you to manage data on an enterprise scale. Our solutions allow you make informed decisions based on data you can trust, and stop arguments about its quality. It helped Faber SpA increase sales revenue by 10%: "If you think about SAP and time to delivery, you think in days or weeks. With SAS, we think in hours or days... That means we can identify opportunities more quickly, which translates into extra revenues and additional profit."

How SAS solutions can help:

Our approach saves the cost of developing your own SAP reporting programme.

  • Overlay SAP's complex data structures with business-user friendly terms
  • Deliver a single overview to give managers everything they need to make the right decisions within minutes
  • Create bespoke reports, when and how you need them, through an easy-to-access portal
  • Drill-down and query for more detailed analysis on specific issues
  • Don't limit yourself to only the data contained within SAP. With data from all your systems in the same environment you will reduce the time spent switching between tools and consolidating data manually.

You make strategic decisions faster and your IT team can focus on other business-critical systems, saving time, resources and money.


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Power Your Supply Chain with Analytics