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Consumer Brand Insight

Consumer brand insight based on indirect measurements of demand has limited the sophistication and speed of manufacturers' response to a rapidly evolving market. Retailers armed with accurate customer and segment analysis are able to quickly identify and respond to changes in demand patterns, such as the move from brand label to own label products.

Recent studies have found that the explosion in SKUs can work against sales by producing consumer indecision and dissatisfaction. Effective Consumer brand insight enables you to rationalise choices and drive revenue. To maintain competitiveness, manufacturers need to take advantage of the huge growth in quantity, quality and depth of customer data. Segment positioning gets you closer to the one-to-one marketing on which increased sales depend.

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The Intelligent Approach to Customer Intelligence


How can my company boost profits by better understanding customer behaviour?

Our consumer brand insight solutions offer the granular information you need to optimise profits. In-depth segment analysis reveals which products appeal to which demographics, so you can increase sales by moving closer to one-to-one marketing. Accurate analysis of consumer promotions data identifies which promotions work best for which facia / channel, letting you target resources more effectively and optimise ROI. Our solutions enable you to increase marketing and merchandising effectiveness by feeding the insights you gain into everything; from packaging and advertising through to new product development.

Real-time reporting lets you respond more accurately to changes in demand. Alerted by reports that people were buying wine at a lower price, The Wine House quickly re-focused inventory on lower-priced products to offer customers more of what they wanted. Consumer brand insight provides the knowledge you need to increase share of wallet, when you need it.

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Analyst Report

The Intelligent Approach to Customer Intelligence