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Brand Monitoring

For manufacturers to get closer to their customers, brand monitoring needs to be widened to include what consumers are saying about you online. The explosion in social media allows consumers to vent their anger almost instantly, making social media monitoring crucial. One BBC Breakfast News item suggested a single YouTube video complaint about United Airlines contributed towards their share price dropping by 10%. And, within a day or so of the Eurostar problems, a 'We Hate Eurostar' group was set up on Facebook.

Social media monitoring alerts you to positive comment amongst online groups, providing insights into where and how to focus marketing. To protect and promote their brands, manufacturers need to monitor brands in a way that can filter relevant social data from the mass of Web noise that surrounds it, and then convert this data into strategic insights.


YouTube: Chris Brogan Offers Social Media Advice to Marketers


How can I use the explosion in social media to protect and promote my brands?

Our brand monitoring solution acts as an early-warning system identifying advocates of, and threats to, your brand. Realising a product is being viewed in a negative light is useful, but only understanding which elements are generating that sentiment allows you to mitigate it, fast.

Social media monitoring gives direct access to your customers' likes and dislikes. It directly tracks both professional commentary (product review or news sites) and consumer commentary (blogs and other social sites) to find the common threads in both positive and negative comment. It gives you the insight to carry out reflective marketing and make more effective use of resources. And by feeding your findings into product development you can drive innovation and increase customer satisfaction.

Brand monitoring lets you understand how to reach consumers through improved behavioural targeting, media buying and planning. Once you recognise where your products are most likely to receive a positive hearing, you can site promotions there.

How SAS solutions can help:

  • Captures and retains more than two years of conversation history across CRM systems, traditional news sites and social media forums.
  • Integrates offline attributes, such as customer segments, and online metrics, like session length, into a customer-centric data warehouse to support your decisions.
  • Provides year-over-year comparisons of sentiment against specific business objectives.
  • Shows media source to understand where advocates and critics tend to congregate.
  • Offers multilingual support - a bad review is bad whether it's in Chinese or English.

Ready to learn more?

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YouTube: Chris Brogan Offers Social Media Advice to Marketers