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Brand Microsite Analytics

Manufacturers need to understand online behaviour, and measure consumer interaction with brand microsites. Through effective consumer analytics they can build effective, consumer-centred Websites and create additional brand equity. Brand microsite analytics are crucial to optimise each consumer's online experience. Despite significant investment in brand sites as yet there is little ability to demonstrate effectiveness and ROI.

Websites are a huge opportunity to interact directly with consumers. Most manufacturers haven't yet harnessed the consumer analytics opportunities made possible by the web and other channels. The raw data you need to personalise your consumers' online experience and optimise brand promotion already exists in your system. It just needs translating into practical business insights that are easy to access.

On demand webcast

Tips from the Trade - Competing on Web Analytics


How can my company use brand microsite analytics to optimise online brand promotion?

Our brand microsite analytics solutions track every aspect of an online consumer's experience and each decision they make. Once you understand your consumer, real-time data collection enables you to target them with the right offers at the right time. Our approach also reveals the best content to enhance site performance and drive a more profitable multi-channel strategy.

How SAS solutions can help:

  • Identify visitors' true interests from their browsing patterns. Hit them with personalised offers for targeted, effective, trigger-led marketing.
  • Precisely identify where and why your customers drop-out or encounter difficulties and make service improvements fast
  • Reveal how easily and quickly your customers what they are seeking. Use this insight to make their journey more direct and optimise conversion rates.
  • See the bigger picture by incorporating multiple data sources to monitor the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Both in generating traffic to your site, and driving in-site navigation.

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On demand webcast: Tips from the Trade - Competing on Web Analytics