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SAP APO Forecasting

Although the efficiency with which manufacturers can use supply chain forecasting from ERP systems such as SAP APO has been improved, without accurate demand forecasts the system falls flat. SAP APO is effective for converting raw forecasts into a set of operation requirements, but can only generate the most basic demand forecasts. SAP APO forecasting is not flexible enough to incorporate international sports events, a heat wave, planned promotions or product launches into your automated supply chain planning. This leaves you reliant on manual adjustments and individual staff knowledge which introduce bias into the process.

Embedding our demand-driven forecasting solution, with its SAP-certified links, into your SAP APO forecasting process adds value to SAP APO. This enables you to optimise every area of SAP supply chain planning, from purchasing to work scheduling, logistics and storage.


How can I best use our ERP system to optimise supply chain forecasting?

Manufacturers face the challenge of improving sales and customer service while simultaneously lowering landed costs. To optimise profits, accurate supply and demand planning is key. AmBev told us, "SAS is the best possible tool to ensure that I have products available for sales, starting at the basis of my logistics chain."

Our demand-driven forecasting solutions help you align supply with demand. They let you get the right products to the right place at the right time, increasing revenue and reducing lost sales. Reliable forecasts allow you to accurately plan capacity and resource needs, reducing spend on transportation and other supply chain costs. Your improved order fulfilment means increased customer fill rates and fewer short or late shipments. And you increase ROI by reducing working capital, inventory levels and cycle times.

We give you the ability to incorporate new products easily through greater user control of the product hierarchies in a way that the characteristics-based forecasting of SAP APO doesn't allow. Our approach requires less manual input, improves accuracy and makes large forecasting processes manageable.

How SAS solutions can help:

  • Offers improved visibility into demand and supply information.
  • Users share a single, consistent supply and demand plan.
  • Integrates seamlessly with SAP APO - pulling data out and sending forecasts back in.
  • Creates forecasts for products outside SAP in legacy systems.
  • Automates the selection of business drivers, events and holidays based on their relevance to help shape demand.
  • Allows users to customise and share events such as promotions or product launches.

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