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Retail Sales Forecasts

Retailers depend on accurate, demand-driven retail sales forecasts. A typical grocer has thousands of SKUs across hundreds of stores, while fashion retailers see huge SKU churn each season. On this scale, retail demand forecasting for a single item in a single store can be a difficult proposition. But accurate forecasts are critical to reduce every store's least favourite costs: wastage, residual stock and stock outs caused by inefficient forecasting.

Retail sales forecasts improve replenishment processes and improve profitability. A daily retail demand forecast enables efficient stock replenishment and lets you respond more quickly to the impact of events like the World Cup or a sudden heat wave. It avoids incorrect stock holding, which in turn cuts costs and avoids the loss of revenue due to decreased sales and consumer confidence.

Efficient retail demand forecasting offers the opportunity to vastly increase revenue. Estimates suggest inaccurate forecasts can lead to losses of up to 25% of possible sales if stores fail to stock enough of popular brands. A detailed, accurate and fast retail sales forecast helps avoid errors and give retailers the edge over competitors.

Customer Case Study

SAS helps Waitrose improve stockholding and reduce waste


How can I optimise stock holding to boost revenue and increase consumer confidence?

Our demand forecasting provides an accurate, daily retail sales forecast for every SKU. You can base forecasts on underlying trend, promotions, inventory effects or other variables and reconcile them across multiple merchandise levels and locations.

Our solutions provide the knowledge you need to make informed decisions. With daily forecasts you can trust, we help you get stock holding right first time and eliminate time-consuming order amendments. You'll also minimise wastage, reduce stock outs and boost revenue through a quicker response to demand and improved on-shelf availability.

How SAS can help:

  • Generate accurate forecasts based on trends.
  • Reconcile forecasts across categories, levels and stores.
  • Incorporate marketing promotions for cross- and up-selling opportunities.
  • Factor in impact of events such as the World Cup or weather.

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Case Study

SAS helps Waitrose improve stockholding and reduce waste