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Retail software that can reveal effective retail solutions is key to meeting challenges ranging from increasing share of basket, to minimising defect-related returns. Companies need retail software they can trust if they are to understand increasingly complex customer behaviour and make the right decisions on product, price, promotion and placement.

SAS is the leader in retail analysis services. Our retail software offers a range of unrivalled retail solutions based on almost three decades of experience. Market leaders including Waitrose, Kingfisher, TM Lewin and Nectar have found our approach invaluable in providing fast, consistently accurate retail analysis. Our solutions enable you to control costs, drive sales and build customer loyalty. All key to increase profitability and flourish in today's dynamic market.

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  Customer Intelligence   Merchandising Intelligence   Revenue Optimisation

Loyalty Software:
Understand and build retail customer loyalty.

Retail CRM:
Drive revenue and reduce operational costs with well-targeted retail emails.

Online CRM:
Maintain and nurture customer relationships with powerful online retail analysis.

Retail Sales Forecasts:
Identify opportunities accurately and improve profitability.

Gain a competitive edge with increased responsiveness to demand.

Minimise wastage and stock-holding costs with demand-driven forecasts.

Price Optimisation:
Establish and maintain optimal regular prices.

Retail Promotion:
Boost sales and profit with improved retail promotions.

Retail Markdown:
Optimise markdown to maximise profits and manage stock more effectively.

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