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Retail Promotion

Structuring retail promotions to meet sales and profitability goals is increasingly complex. Retailers have to determine which products to promote, at what price, where, and how, over ever multiplying SKUs, facias and channels. Planning must incorporate specific goals: increasing sales, maximising profits or strengthening customer loyalty; and accurately calculate lift in demand. Retail revenue promotions need to be structured according to product category, local demand and whether they take place in a superstore, Metro, or on-line.

If a retail revenue promotion sets discount too low then volume of sales and revenue objectives will not be met; too high and potential profit is reduced. Retailers need accurate revenue promotion software to optimise revenue from retail promotion.


Learn how revenue optimisation technology can allow you to drive significant business improvement.


How can I be confident my retail promotions will maximise sales across different products and store formats?

Informed pricing decisions must be made store-by-store and based on reliable intelligence. The director of product and price optimisation at AutoZone reported, "SAS helps us sift the important signals from all the noise coming at us . . . so we can make decisions that leverage our inventory and assets optimally and give us a good ROI."

SAS promotion optimisation takes the uncertainty out of retail promotions. It changes complex data into insights you can use to boost revenue and sales. Powerful forecasting helps inform your decisions on which type of retail revenue promotion is most effective and factors in variables such as product category, store format and objective.

Our solution allows you to improve stock ordering, reduce wastage and improve customer satisfaction through higher product availability. Revenues lost due to stock outs will reduce. Clear monitoring gives you the knowledge to replicate success and avoid past error. We enable you to optimise promotions to shape demand and achieve your merchandising goals.

How SAS can help:

  • Predicts results at various levels of segmentation, such as store or channel.
  • Calculates lift in demand so you can balance promotions with inventory.
  • Shows the impact of promotional decisions with 'what-if' scenarios.
  • Models halo and cannibalisation effects.
  • Monitors performance and suggests corrective action where necessary.
  • Analyses past promotions in terms of revenue increase, sales volume and profitability.

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Learn how revenue optimisation technology can allow you to drive significant business improvement.