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Price Optimisation

Price optimisation software takes the guesswork out of retail pricing. It enables a more accurate and profitable approach to setting the correct retail price and achieving price optimisation.

Setting regular prices accurately has become increasingly complex and time consuming as SKUs, facias and channels have multiplied. Getting it right has a huge impact on profit. The automated, detailed process to determine store-specific pricing that retail pricing software offers answers retailers' needs. Freed from manual price management tasks, retail pricing teams can focus on maximising business results.

Retail pricing software supports price optimisation: pricing too low fails to maximise profit margins; pricing too high can lead to surplus stock and excessive mark-downs at the end of the season. Price optimisation software maximises profits by guiding you to the optimum price first time.


Getting Back to Good: Pricing in 2010.
Results of the latest study by Retail Systems Research.


How can I increase profitability by maintaining optimal regular prices?

Our price optimisation software automates the setting of prices across SKUs and stores. It reveals the performance of individual departments, products and categories within each store. AutoZone told us, "SAS lets us drill down to these areas so that if something is not working at one store, we can replicate what does work at another... SAS is helping AutoZone be competitive and serve our customers better."

Our solution offers increased visibility into pricing options. It allows you to plot cross effects and provides the information to understand demand and price sensitivity at both store and SKU level. You can incorporate business rules based on costs, sell-through targets, margin goals, granular demand patterns and competitive price information. And take into account brand, private label, size and value-added features.

By alerting you to changing costs and competitive prices, our approach lets you respond proactively to market conditions to optimise profits. It allows you to drive sales and meet margin and profitability targets, while rewarding customers with wallet-friendly products.

How SAS solutions can help:

  • Highly scalable, can optimize regular prices at store level for each SKU.
  • Estimates marketing mix effects such as price elasticity, halo and cannibalisation.
  • Offers visibility into category performance and competitors' pricing.
  • Manages business rules and pricing along product and location hierarchies as well as individual products.
  • Monitors how well prices are complying with business rules.
  • Alerts users to changing market conditions.

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Getting Back to Good: Pricing in 2010.
Results of the latest study by Retail Systems Research.