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Globally recognised as the industry leader in analytics and the de facto standard for clinical data analysis, SAS assures accurate, consistent and reliable analysis of pharmaceutical research data. Our solutions allow pharmaceutical companies to manage, analyse and present data more efficiently and effectively. Once the preserve of R&D, our solutions can offer significant benefits across the organisation.

White Paper

Interoperability and Architecture for the Life Sciences Industry

How SAS® Business Analytics can make a difference

Clinical Data Interchange: SAS has been a member and ardent supporter of CDISC since 2000. The SAS® Clinical Standards Toolkit provides support for clinical data standards in Base SAS®, including:

  • Definition of data standard domains
  • Conversion of domains between CDISC models
  • Validation and conformance checks
  • CRT-DDS (define.xml) creation.

Drug Development: Efficient management of clinical research data shortens development timelines and reduces costs:

  • Share clinical trial data and research from a centralised repository
  • Access data from any system including EDC (Electronic Data Collection) systems, CDMS (Clinical Data Management Systems), and CROs (Clinical Research Organisation)
  • Auditability supports regulatory compliance including 21 CFR Part 11.

Medical Sales Targeting: Make every sales call to a healthcare professional count by:

  • Understanding individual doctor’s prescribing behaviour
  • Predicting which products offer the best match
  • Implementing the most effective contact strategy.

Demand Driven Forecasting: Accurate, detailed and regular forecasts improve production and logistic scheduling, enabling you to:

  • Develop unique forecasts for each product
  • Incorporate intermittent events like holidays and promotions
  • Reduce inventory whilst minimising stock-outs.


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Interoperability and Architecture for the Life Sciences Industry