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Optimise online CRM

Online experience analysis provides the insights into online behaviour, and buying habits, that online shops need to make the right decisions. Accurate retail analytics let you understand your online shoppers and, once you understand them, your marketing will be more effective.

Enhancing the online shopper's experience provides a unique and sustained competitive advantage. Often online experience analysis is taken from the point of view of the page rather than the customer. By providing customer-focused retail data mining, intelligent online experience analysis uncovers fresh insights into their behaviour. It enables you to tailor the buying experience to best meet, and surpass, online shoppers' expectations leading to increased conversion rates and brand advocacy.

Effective online experience analytics identifies where and when potential sales are lost by online shoppers exiting the site, enabling you to take corrective action and increase revenue. Retail data mining turns a flood of data about online habits into knowledge expressed in practical business terms.

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Tips from the Trade - Competing on Web Analytics


How can I better understand the behaviour and experience of online shoppers, to identify and retain those that are most profitable?

Our online experience analysis solution offers fast, accurate retail web analytics to provide a complete picture of your online shoppers. It enables you target online shoppers based on behaviour. It lets you translate every Web interaction into customer-centric knowledge so you know how to put your online shoppers first, every time. It gives you practical insights into optimising their online experience, and translates into higher completion rates at checkout. It can even help minimise credit risk and detect fraud in time to block transactions.

How do I convert social media data into stronger customer service, enhanced marketing efforts and improved bottom-line results?

Our social media solutions go beyond monitoring to help B2B and B2C marketers get real-time, real-world value from social media data. Able to analyse more than two years of social media conversation, our results enable online shops to act fast to mitigate negative comment, or use insights from positive comment to feed into future marketing messages. The knowledge you gain can be fed right across the marketing sphere, from media placement to PR and customer-care articles.

How SAS can help:

  • Focuses on customer-oriented experience rather than web-page analytics.
  • Identifies key opportunities to increase sales, revenue and profitability.
  • Offers innovative, interactive marketing tactics such as real-time decision making.
  • Enables significant improvement to online experience, improving retention and conversion.
  • Translates increasing amounts of raw data into actionable insights.

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On demand webcast: Tips from the Trade - Competing on Web Analytics