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Retail Markdown

Retail markdown optimisation can help you get retail markdown right. Weakening demand has placed even more importance on moving surplus stock, while the diversification of facias and channels means modern retailers face increasing complexity in making markdown decisions. Manual markdown relies on individual intuition and leaves you open to severe uncertainty.

Retail markdown optimisation supports your decision-making: too low product markdown impacts on profits as leftover lines are further marked down or expensively written off; too high product markdown and potential profits are lost. Retail markdown optimisation is key to maximise profits.

Exclusive Report

Getting Back to Good: Retail Pricing 2010


How can I increase profits and manage lines more effectively by optimising retail markdown?

Our optimisation solution gives you the knowledge to determine which items should be marked down, by how much, when, and in which markets, stores or store clusters. It allows you to be proactive. Not just in shifting lines more effectively, releasing capital and space for new lines, but in realising significant lifts in demand and profitability.

Our approach lets you base analysis on inventory levels, base sales volume, price elasticity and local demand. It enables you to implement optimum pricing at the local market level to maximise revenues and profitability while meeting end-of-season inventory goals. And produces competitive advantage by letting you spot any deviation instantly, increasing the speed and accuracy with which your store can react.

How SAS can help:

  • Offers unrivalled detection of changing demand patterns at both store and product level.
  • Identifies underperforming lines based on typical sales patterns.
  • Calculates impact of price changes to increase stock sell through.
  • Forecasts incremental lift in demand to balance markdown against inventory.
  • Monitors markdown against financial and operational goals.
  • Delivers alerts when progress deviates from goals.

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Exclusive Report

Getting Back to Good: Retail Pricing 2010