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Retail Loyalty Software

Without accurate retail loyalty software, it is difficult to obtain a single view of your customers' behaviour. One that can incorporate their regular habits, their response to promotions or even what they return. Retail loyalty software turns data about customers into knowledge. Meaningful retail loyalty analysis provides insight into behaviour and lets retailers plan strategies to strengthen customer loyalty and increase profitability.

In-depth retail loyalty analysis enables retailers to make informed decisions on promotions for customers in each location, increasing re-buys and loyalty. Redeemed points on retail customer loyalty schemes mean little by themselves. Real returns are only seen when the data they help gather is analysed with powerful and accurate retail loyalty software, so that action can be taken to build true customer loyalty.

Retail Supplement

Retailers Journey into Shopper Insights.
In saturated markets, retailers need to think outside the box to increase margins


How can I make retail customer loyalty schemes more effective and improve ROI?

SAS retail loyalty software enables you to boost profits through better identification of customer segments, giving the insights you need for more effective marketing. It enhances demand forecasts and improves testing of offers, promotions and communication channels so you can improve retail customer loyalty.

Our solutions provide the knowledge you need to identify opportunities to increase share of basket. The insights it offers allow you to plan more effective and efficient marketing and merchandising, reducing spend yet increasing revenue.

How SAS retail loyalty software can help:

  • Improves identification of customer segments.
  • Enables you to target discounts to price-sensitive customers.
  • Improves your understanding of customer preferences.
  • Helps inform decisions from store siting to ranging and promotional activity.
  • Integrates data from multiple shopping trips to obtain a single view of basket.

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Retail Supplement

Retailers Journey into Shopper Insights
In saturated markets, retailers need to think outside the box to increase margins