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Retail CRM

Carefully targeted direct mail, retail emails, and in-store vouchers help win and build valuable customer relationships. Focused and consistent marketing, from mailings through to range, price, and promotion, increases ROI, and builds customer satisfaction. Effective retail CRM increases uplift and saves money by targeting only the people who are most likely to respond.

Unfortunately the converse is also true. Poorly targeted retail promotions waste both time and money, with poor take up and even poorer ROI. Misjudged CRM in retail can cause long-term damage to a brand by losing the goodwill of customers. Customers who receive irrelevant retail emails will unsubscribe or register them as spam, limiting opportunities for future campaigns.

Retail Supplement

Know your customer, control your business.
A Retail Week supplement in association with SAS.


How can my company improve CRM to increase customer loyalty?

Our retail CRM software solutions help you plan and co-ordinate marketing across all channels. Our approach generates in-depth analyses that enable you to improve selections. With an increased ability to segment customers, retailers can more carefully target campaigns. Well-targeted, relevant mailings and offers enhance your ability to build customer loyalty and offer increased opportunities for cross-promotion, cross- and up-selling. While the careful targeting and multi-channel co-ordination our systems support reduce the risk of losing customer goodwill with repetitious or irrelevant promotions.

Our solutions not only deliver fast, significant ROI on your campaigns, they let you prove it through enhanced reporting capabilities.

How SAS can help:

  • Turns raw data into practical insights that allow you to plan profitable campaigns.
  • Provides the in-depth analysis necessary to effectively target mailings.
  • Offers integrated, multi-channel campaigns to ensure consistent messages.
  • Calculates success based on expectation, comparison or 'do-nothing'.


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Retail Supplement

Know your customer, control your business.
A Retail Week supplement in association with SAS.