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Within all financial institutions there are rich seams of investor data. When rigorously mined and used to inform marketing activity, they can successfully bring in new investors and increase revenues from existing ones.

Often though, you can only extract nuggets of information. And unless you can complete the picture and view it in a way that lets you thoroughly understand your investors' needs and behaviour, your attempts at targeted marketing are likely to flounder.

That's where an automated investor management solution comes into its own. The right technology can help you piece together information on current and potential investors from isolated sources across the business, then use it to understand them better and fine-tune your marketing around them.

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Winning Trust and Loyalty with Your High Net Worth Clients.

How SAS Can Help

The SAS approach to investor management combines powerful analytics with sophisticated reporting tools to help you consolidate disparate data, interrogate it and act on your findings. It enables you to increase revenues and save costs by making differentiated offers, reducing waste, capitalising on new business opportunities, improving investor loyalty and using feedback to improve performance.

  • Fine-tune your targeting: Advanced segmentation tools help you pinpoint your best investors and understand them better. Simply by offering them products and services to help them achieve their financial objectives, you'll get better response rates.
  • Identify success and replicate it elsewhere: Customisable analytics and reporting tools let you see at a glance what's working and what's not, so that you can weed out the campaigns that don't deliver.
  • Accurately predict success rates: Use our predictive analytics to understand the choices investors have made in the past and predict those they're likely to make in the future. You can be confident that actual results will match predictions before you spend on a new campaign.
  • Link marketing performance to financial performance: Our solution lets you quantify the impact of specific marketing strategies on sales performance, so you can justify marketing spend and focus on those products and services that give the best returns.
  • Optimise cross-functional spending: Traders can get a clear picture of how much revenue can be attributed to the marketing spend allocated to their desk - and adjust budgets accordingly.

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White Paper

Winning Trust and Loyalty with Your High Net Worth Clients.