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Capital Markets

Capital Markets are entering a new era - one of tighter control, increased focus on fewer, more profitable clients, and more emphasis on the need to differentiate services. In this new, more demanding climate, SAS can help you get ahead.

Our IT solutions already sit at the heart of many of the world's largest investment banks. In the deluge of data that characterises today's Capital Markets landscape, they're purpose-built to uncover valuable meaning, fast. Our award-winning analytics and powerful data mining and reporting tools can help you tackle fraud, tighten your control of risk, increase profitability and refine your investor intelligence. And, thanks to their smart, modular framework, SAS solutions can adapt as your strategy evolves.

White Paper
The Art of Balancing Risk and Reward
The role of the board in setting, implementing and monitoring risk appetite

What problems are you trying to solve?

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Securitised Asset Revaluation:
Make fast, informed buying decisions on distressed asset portfolios with advanced SAS® Analytics and powerful data management tools.

Risk Model Recalibration:
Pain-free multi-factor risk modelling that combines cutting-edge analytics with customisation and control.

Incremental Risk Charge:
Go beyond compliance with a risk framework that will protect you and your investors as legislation evolves.
Investor Management:
Powerful analytics and reporting to help you identify your best investors and fine-tune your marketing around them.

Trader Surveillance:
Prevent, detect and manage financial crimes by monitoring trader behaviour and pinpointing dangerous activity early.

Back-office Cost Management:
Understand and take control of the complex cost profile typical of organisations with extensive trading interests.

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Capital Markets