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Back-office Cost Management

Like any business, the long-term profitability of capital markets organisations depends on keeping operating costs down and revenues up.

Managing the profitability of global financial institutions - with their vast and complicated trading interests - is a huge challenge. Standard management accounting tools just aren't up to dealing with the intricate web of cross-charges and cost allocations between desks.

But there's a better way. At SAS, we've developed an integrated performance management infrastructure that's ideally suited to large financial institutions. It gives you tight control over complex and inter-woven costs along with genuine insight that will help you refine and streamline your performance.

Case Study

JPMorgan Asset Management: Investing in Intelligence

How SAS Can Help

Our cost management solution lets you reflect the complexity and transaction volumes typical of asset management, proprietary trading, brokerage or other financial specialisations:

  • Create cost models that accurately reflect your back-office processes
  • Generate reports that show non-financial experts how costs accumulate
  • Understand how much it costs to process a trade and why
  • Identify processes and activities that don't add value, channel resources into improving those that do
  • Manage shared cost allocations with accurate cross-charging to departments.
  • Compare costs for different transactions and feed the information into profit-related pay schemes
  • Create budgets that reflect the impact on resources of strategic shifts in emphasis between different types of trade.

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Case Study

JPMorgan Asset Management: Investing in Intelligence