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Continuous Data Integration

SAS Continuous Data Integration enables financial institutions to transform, enrich and re-format data in real-time. This enables faster, more accurate decision making on the trading desk and for risk managers.

Financial institutions rely on accurate and timely data to remain competitive. At SAS we ensure that data sources are consolidated across different feeds, at different latencies, in different formats - all from different systems.

Managing Different Data

The SAS Continuous Data Integration solution uses Event Stream Analytics to process and consolidate data with different classifications and taxonomies and deal with incomplete data.

SAS supports the Event Stream Analysis of data, with the capability to transform, enrich, or re-format data in real time.

This is a completely different way of working with real time data, and avoids the need to consolidate the different data sources in a database. It is simpler to design, and means that the transformed, aggregated streams of data can not only be viewed but also acted upon in real-time.

Event Stream Analysis

Financial institutions' ability to aggregate global data and take snapshots of their risk position is essential not only in extreme scenarios but also for risk events that occur every day. Event Stream Analytics simultaneously gathers and analyses data within seconds, enabling faster and better-informed risk management and trading decisions.

  • Low latency trading solutions over the Internet anywhere in the world
  • Real time risk monitoring and data management solutions
  • Global and efficient distribution of market data in real-time
  • Get data to customers faster, reducing their operational risks when trading online
  • Massively reduce IT infrastructure requirements while still improving performance
  • Open up new multi-channel opportunities – executing trades over mobile networks as well as traditional Web browsers
  • Successfully deliver multiple content –prices, news, charts, reports and market video – regardless of location or end device

High Performance Analytics

Today's top organizations are looking for optimal ways to gain insights from big data in shorter reporting windows. It's all about getting to the relevant data quicker. Revealing previously unseen patterns, sentiments and relationships. Delivering that information in real time. And speeding the time to insights. High-performance analytics from SAS help you

How Does It Work?

The SAS high-performance analytics infrastructure forms the backbone of your ongoing analytic endeavors – no matter how big your big data demands get, nor how complex your analysis needs become. Several distributed processing options – in-memory, in-database and grid computing – let you take advantage of the latest technology advancements, while providing the scalability and flexibility to grow along with you. These options enable you to make the best use of your IT resources while achieving performance gains you never would have thought possible.

Visual Analytics

SAS® Visual Analytics is a web based solution that leverages SAS high performance analytics technologies to allow organizations to explore huge volumes of data. Using SAS Visual Analytics, organisations can very quickly see patterns, trends and identify opportunities for further analysis.

Everyone talks about big data, but SAS Visual Analytics provides customers with a way to actually derive value from big data. SAS Visual Analytics goes beyond just providing the results of a query or OLAP capabilities by generating actionable content that drives better decision making.

How does SAS Visual Analytics fit with our other BI offerings?

SAS Visual Analytics is not intended as an upgrade or replacement for SAS Enterprise BI Server or SAS BI Server. For more information, check out this Comparison of SAS Visual Analytics to EBI/BI and JMP.