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For more than 3 decades SAS has been providing analytic solutions to the financial services industry addressing the most complex business challenges.

Today analytics is in the spotlight more than ever playing a critical role in managing risk, identifying fraud and complying with strict capital requirements demanded by a new era of regulatory reform.

The Capital Markets community is a strategically important industry for SAS, the timing has never been better to take advantage of our experience and superior analytics capabilities to leverage your big data assets. Making critical decisions faster, with lower latency, through the use of SAS' next generation of Event Stream Processing Technology.

SAS is the only vendor who can provide continuous, scalable in-memory technology embedded within our High-Performance Analytic Platform delivering compelling big data analytics to those who need it.


Capital Markets Fraud

SAS can help firms monitor and report on an institutions position, allowing them to understand their risk exposure on demand or in near real-time.


Capital Markets Risk Management

SAS Real-time Market Risk uses the power of Event Stream Analytics to simultaneously gather and analyse data within seconds, enabling faster and better-informed risk management and trading decisions.


Data Integration

Capital Markets Data Integration

SAS Continuous Data Integration enables financial institutions to transform, enrich and re-format data in real-time.


Capital Markets Technology

Our technology solutions already sit at the heart of many of the world's largest investment banks. Thanks to their smart, modular framework, SAS solutions can adapt as your strategy evolves.



Benefit Programs

See for yourself how SAS solutions lets you take control and explore massive amounts of data at amazingly fast speeds.


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Capital Markets are entering a new era - one of tighter control, increased focus on fewer, more profitable clients, and more emphasis on the need to differentiate services. In this new, more demanding climate, SAS can help you get ahead.

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