Financial Services / Capital Markets


Fraud in Capital Markets

Detect, prevent and mitigate financial crime risk across the enterprise

Trader Survaillance

SAS can help firms monitor and report on an institutions position, allowing them to understand their risk exposure on demand or in near real-time. Our software can also review trade patterns and highlight activities that do not align with the overall strategy of the trading desk.

A complete understanding of a firm's overall position can not only mitigate the risk of rogue events, market abuse and insider dealing, but also limit the exposure to a particular commodity, derivative type or counterparty.

Market Abuse

SAS Market Abuse Solution analyses millions of transactions per second to detect suspicious trading patterns in real time. The High Performance Analytics solution enables financial institutions to reduce their exposure to fraud, with the highest detection rates, lowest false-positives, and the most flexible and easily updated platform available.

SAS takes a two-phased approach, utilising the SAS Fraud Framework as the 'detection engine', and SAS ESP as the real-time 'prevention engine'.

Visual Market Insight for Exchanges

With Event Stream Analytics the prevention engine 'listens' to all trading activity in real-time, analysing data from watch-lists, business rules, scores, and suspicious trading patterns.

The prevention engine continually feeds the detection engine with relevant trades and trade patterns in real time. This creates an aggregated database of historical data which acts as a reference point for future simulations and continually improves the accuracy of the system.

Combined Analysis Tool

The detection engine makes use of a number of sophisticated high performance analysis techniques, including Social Network Analysis, Neural Networks, and Logistic Regression. These techniques are deployed on top of the historical database, which is continuously updated by the prevention engine.

The only way that a bank can keep on top of suspicious behavior patterns is to constantly manage, refine, and tune the rules and models, as new types of suspicious activity emerge.

SAS allows financial institutions to do this by using the most comprehensive fraud platform on the market, combined with the fastest and most flexible event stream analytics engine available.