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Transactional fraud

How transactional fraud is handled can make or break any bank. Fail to identify the activity quickly, and your reputation can suffer serious damage. And, if you have to refund the cost, your profits take a direct hit. Until recently, the best a bank could hope for was to be able to identify a fraudulent transaction soon after it had taken place, notify the customer and prevent any further unlawful spending. But, what if you could stop fraudulent activity right in its tracks?

The real innovation is being able to screen every transaction in real-time. And, in the US where we have around 30 million cards in issue, that's an awful lot of transactions.

Derek Wylde

Head of Group Fraud Risk


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How SAS Can Help

SAS® Fraud Management is designed to prevent, detect and manage financial crimes by scoring and accepting or rejecting transactions in real time - right at the point of sale.

Developed with key experts in the financial services industry, it is:

  • Fast - SAS Fraud Management performs 3,000 detailed analyses per transaction, in milliseconds
  • Accurate - relying on SAS' market-leading analytics capabilities, transaction assessments are extremely accurate
  • Suitable for all types of transactions - from in-store credit and debit cards, to cheques, internet and telephone purchases
  • Extremely reliable - no outages have been reported in four years of use
  • Flexible - it runs in any environment, including mainframes
  • Scalable - as a platform-based solution, it can be easily linked to other SAS capabilities such as SAS Analytics.


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