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Intelligent complaint management

Complaints can be extremely costly to a bank. Aside from potential loss of custom and damage to reputation, research reveals an average cost of about £200 per complaint in terms of manpower and compensation - making this a multi-million pound exercise for the financial services sector.

To avoid this cost, banks must log and investigate complaints effectively, taking steps to enhance service and prevent future complaints. Yet many banks struggle with this. Complaints are often recorded on paper or duplicated across multiple systems making analysis extremely difficult. Some are not logged at all. And some complaints are misunderstood by staff, leading to errors in the handling process - or the complaint being discounted entirely.

This issue needs to be tackled for the sake of costs, reputation and ongoing customer service.

By decoding the 'messages' through statistical and root-cause analyses of complaints data, the government can better understand the voice of the people.

W. F. Yuk,

Assistant Director

Hong Kong Efficiency Unit

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How SAS Can Help

The SAS approach to Intelligent Complaint Management provides a complete infrastructure for logging, investigating, tracking and managing customer complaints. It is designed to help banks minimise associated costs, mitigate risks and - importantly - enhance service in order to prevent further customer dissatisfaction.

Through SAS for Intelligent Complaint Management, retail banks can:

  • Take a strategic approach to complaints management, based upon segmentation and real business intelligence
  • Ensure complaints strategies are effectively implemented, from the portfolio level to individual customer/account level
  • Increase efficiency of the handling process, through improved workflows and resource utilisation
  • Reduce the cost of complaints, with fewer complaints and more efficient handling
  • Proactively manage complaints and handling strategies, for improved business performance and fewer complaints in future.


The SAS approach to Intelligent Complaint Management is a platform-based selection of technologies that retail banks can bring together to tackle their complaints management challenges. Designed to be a grouping of capabilities rather than a 'one-size-fits-all' approach, the selection includes:


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Complaint management
Text mining improves Hong Kong government’s ability to anticipate and address public complaints