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Collections and recoveries

Increasing unemployment, a depressed property market, reduced refinancing - all are pushing borrowers to their limits, forcing more and more to default on their debt. This is leaving many banks in a sticky situation. Aside from the loss of profits, the volume of defaults is straining bank collections and recoveries processes and systems, and staff are struggling to cope with the workload.

The risk for later collections problems are increased when money is loaned based on a limited picture of the customer. Merger and acquisition activity, in particular, has caused data on products and customers to be distributed across a number of systems in different ways. Mr. Smith, Dr. Smith and Dr. P. Smith, may be one and the same person - making it difficult to spot the consequences of a problem that shows up in an account that has not been correctly linked.

And with collection agencies refusing to purchase debt without a highly accurate price, gaining a centralised view of each customer is becoming increasingly important.

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How SAS Can Help

The SAS® solutions for collections and recoveries offers greater value than any other debt management solution on the market. The SAS platform can combine a number of our market-leading products to: analyse the impact of current debt; forecast impaired debt; proactively contact potential debtors; and then handle collection and recoveries in the most judicious way.

The SAS solutions for collections and recoveries can enable banks to:

  • Gain an accurate view over all a customer's accounts, as the foundation for effective analysis
  • Identify future bad debt, taking steps to avoid consequent impairment charges
  • Optimise the collections and recoveries process, lowering the cost of managing debt and improving resource allocation
  • Make strategic debt management decisions, and evolve this strategy in line with changing legislation or new market challenges
  • Maximise revenue from the sale of impaired debt, by strengthening your negotiating position with more detailed data
  • Maintain a complete audit trail of debt management activities, in support of Treating Customers Fairly (TCF).


As our technology is platform-based, SAS can combine a number of market-leading products to create the ideal solution for your bank. These products include:


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Finding Diamonds in the Data: Success in Collections and Recoveries