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Improve your edge over the competition

From sports betting to bingo, the gaming industry has undergone a revolution over the last decade. Between new companies entering the market and an explosion of new games and events, your customers have an unprecedented level of choice in where, what, and how they bet.

In this competitive market, tilting the odds in your favour will give you the edge. Improved customer retention and relationships, and minimising fraud and other non-gaming losses will have a significant impact on your bottom line.

For over 30 years SAS has been helping businesses gather and analyse data to help them make the best decisions possible. From bookmakers to mega-casinos, companies across the world are using SAS to increase the value of their customer relationships and improve their operational performance.

Analytical marketing is a numbers game.

Steven Pinchuk

SAS Institute

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What problems are you trying to solve?

Customer intimacy

Reduce churn and maximise customer worth by more effective marketing:

Operational optimisation

Protect and improve the effectiveness of your front of house operations

  • Estate planning: support bricks and mortar operations by planning store locations and casino floors to maximise revenue
  • Call centre forecasting: create staff schedules with greater confidence to meet peak demands for sporting events
  • Manage book exposure: make better decisions on when and where to layoff bets
  • Operational risk management: don't leave the protection of your investments to chance

Non gaming losses

Protect your business and customers from unlawful and dishonest activity:

Intelligent Architecture

SAS' business analytics framework underlies all our solutions, providing a flexible environment that can be adapted to solve your business problems:


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SAS ranks as a leader in Chartis RiskTech100 report (November 2010)

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