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See what our learners have to say. Read about the experiences of some of our recent SAS Professionals.


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Learner Testimonials - SAS Certification

I started to use SAS at university during my master degree in Applied Statistics and now work as demand forecasting analyst for a utility company. My manager offered us the opportunity to prepare for the SAS Base exam, and I was very pleased and enthusiastic to get a certification for my SAS knowledge. I did the prep using SAS online learning which allows you to learn when you've got time, from work or at home without carry big books.

My colleagues now look to me as the 'SAS Support' and are very pleased when I can solve their problem. I am currently preparing the SAS Advanced Exam which I hope to sit next year.

Julie Cléret, Analyst, EDF Energy

The online revision sessions, which included assignments and past questions papers, and the study manual played a pivotal role in preparing me for the certification exam. I want to boost my income and employability as well as develop my SAS skills in the area of Business Intelligence and Project Management. I believe that certification has increased my knowledge and understanding of the underlying principles of SAS programming.

Ibironke Ajenifuja, Private Individual

SAS is becoming increasingly widespread in the financial sector and at this time of flux I decided to underpin my status by gaining SAS certification. The most beneficial aspects were that I could study at times suitable to me and at my own pace. Also new and relevant solutions become apparent which are easily and comprehensively explained and demonstrated.

SAS Certification demonstrates a commitment to learning and provides a benchmark for skills and knowledge. These attributes will help strengthen my position within my organisation and help secure my future employment. Since taking the certification exams I have moved on to perform a more managerial and business analysis function within my organisation.

Frank Cushnan, Manager, Data & Risk Systems, Lloyds Banking Group

I took the 5 day certification fast track for SAS 8 and passed. But when it lapsed I re-certified at the SAS Professionals Convention 2010, and got a far better pass mark - upgrading to v9. The better mark, I believe, was partly due to greater experience but heavily influenced by the additional support that was provided by SAS on the lead up to the exam.

My job involves extraction and manipulation of large data sources. SAS allows us to complete the ad hoc analysis of a multi-million account database in acceptable time frames to be able to give support to the business.

The knowledge of the SAS helpdesk and SAS trainers is invaluable to anyone using SAS for the first time or wanting to develop their usage of SAS. Practical experience by the trainers means that they can appreciate the 'real world' situations far better than other company's trainers I have experienced in the past.

Chris Johnson, Debt Analyst, Utilities Industry

I first used SAS nine years ago but recently changed jobs and realised I needed to refresh my SAS knowledge. I'd had always had positive experiences with SAS Education so didn't even consider going elsewhere. I decided to take SAS Certification and the course seemed too good a chance to pass up. The course material was excellent as were the study groups and online learning. Having Certification has helped build my confidence and will hopefully result in a promotion in the near future. I would not hesitate to recommend the course to my colleagues.

Nic Tooth, SAS Analyst, Churchill

As a relative newcomer to SAS my experience has been confined mostly to the point-and-click interfaces. However, I've always been interested in programming and intended to learn the SAS code at some point. The study group gave me the perfect opportunity. Learning the base code has given me a valuable insight into the way SAS operates. From a career standpoint, it helps to have a globally recognised qualification such as SAS Certification on the CV.

I found the study groups a positive experience from start to finish and the results speak for themselves. Our group had tremendous success overall and the efforts of the SAS trainers lifted me from an absolute beginner to a score of 86% in just five weeks. The online sessions were informative and well-paced and complemented the printed material perfectly with back up video files and access to practice exams. It all added up to a supportive, light-hearted and highly effective learning environment, and I am encouraging colleagues to register for the process next time around.

Simon Kinsey, Business Intelligence Unit, South Wales Police

I have been using SAS for some time and wanted to add formal SAS qualifications to my skill set. I received great support and training via the online classes which helped to prepare me to successfully complete the exams. As an analyst, SAS Certification adds another level to my academic qualifications. It highlights the more 'practical' or 'applied' knowledge that I have gained in my career so far. The techniques will also add to my transferable skills which will be useful when moving on in my career.

Riana Smit, Risk Information Officer, London Fire Brigade

I would highly recommend using SAS Education if you are considering attending a SAS course. Having been to other training companies, SAS are head and shoulders above these for pretty much every aspect. The trainers are well informed, can answer any questions and are also interesting. The environment is great, the grounds incredible and as for the restaurant! The SAS Professionals Certification event at Marlow last year was simply superb and if it's run again, you must attend

Stuart Callister, Insight Analyst, The AA

I have only been using SAS for a short period of time, and because it is a fundamental aspect of my job as an insight analyst, I felt that SAS certification would be the best way of gaining a more in depth knowledge of SAS. The course provided me with valuable insight into how powerful SAS can actually be, as well as developing my skills as a SAS programmer. The course has enabled me to not only learn more about the capabilities of SAS, but also helped my efficiency at work. The SAS certification not only shows you what SAS can do, it also brings out your personal potential in what you want to achieve in your day to day work.

Teresa Case, Insight Analyst, The AA

I chose SAS Education to help improve my own understanding of how SAS operates, and to provide in depth knowledge about the subject areas that would help me to be a more productive and efficient programmer.

The courses were well structured with lots of helpful shortcuts and tips and the instructors were extremely helpful with any questions raised as well as being very knowledgeable about their subject areas. The course notes provided are great for reference after the course.

I use SAS for data mining and modelling to help with insight of our customer base. I have attended the SQL 1 and Macro Language 1 courses and have already been able to use the skills learned to enable me to code faster and more efficiently.

Paul Harvey, Insight Analyst, The AA

I have been using SAS for nearly 8 years and wanted to make my knowledge official by taking the SAS Certification exam. Having completed other courses run by SAS Education I was impressed at how well structured and easy to digest they are, with just the right amount of content. Certification has given me a lot of confidence if I am asked about my SAS knowledge at job interviews and in the organisation I currently work for I have become the SAS expert.

Abdul Owdud, Senior Marketing Analyst, MRM London

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