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SAS Visual Analytics: Fast Track - YVAFT52

This course teaches how to explore data and build reports using SAS Visual Analytics. You will also learn the basics about the SAS Visual Analytics data preparation interface.

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4 days - Classroom

Learn how to

Learn how to use SAS Visual Analytics to

  • interact with the environment via the SAS Visual Analytics Hub
  • access and prepare data for exploration, analysis, and reporting
  • explore data using the SAS Visual Analytics Explorer
  • create reports with the SAS Visual Analytics Designer
  • view reports using the SAS Visual Analytics Viewer and SAS Mobile BI.

Who should attend?

BI content developers who need to learn how to use the functionality provided by SAS Visual Analytics


No SAS experience or programming experience is required, although you should have some computer experience. Specifically, you should

  • be able to log on and off a computer and use a keyboard or mouse
  • have some experience using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel
  • know how to use a Web browser to access information.

Course Contents:

Getting Started with SAS Visual Analytics

  • exploring SAS Visual Analytics concepts
  • using the SAS Visual Analytics Home page
  • discussing the course environment and scenario
  • preparing data for SAS Visual Analytics

Using the SAS Visual Analytics Explorer

  • examining the Visual Analytics Explorer
  • opening a data source
  • creating visualisations
  • interacting with visualisations

Designing Reports with SAS Visual Analytics

  • examining the SAS Visual Analytics Designer interface
  • creating a simple report
  • working with graphs
  • providing multi-section reports
  • working with gauges
  • working with tables
  • working with text and images
  • establishing interactions

Viewing SAS Visual Analytics Reports

  • viewing reports on the Web
  • viewing reports on a mobile device

Case Study: Creating Analyses and Reports with SAS Visual Analytics
Learning More

  • SAS resources
  • beyond this course

Software Addressed

This course addresses SAS Visual Analytics software.

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