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Getting Started with the Platform for SAS Business Analytics - YGS293

This course provides a comprehensive, hands-on overview of the platform for SAS Business Analytics applications, including the Data Integration applications.

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2 days - Classroom

Learn how to

  • use SAS platform applications to access and build data sources for reporting and analysis
  • build dashboards
  • build stored processes
  • build information maps to provide business views of data
  • build reports from a Web browser
  • access and analyse data using Microsoft Office
  • access and interact with information using a Web-based portal
  • understand the types of metadata created by the SAS platform.


There are no formal prerequisites for this course.

Course Contents:

SAS Data Integration Studio

  • access data sources
  • create a job to extract, transform, and load data for reporting and analysis

SAS OLAP Cube Studio

  • build an OLAP cube

SAS Information Map Studio

  • build an information map from relational data
  • build an information map from multi-dimensional data

SAS Enterprise Guide

  • explore data sources
  • create reports and analyses
  • use the prompting framework to gather user input
  • create stored processes

SAS BI Dashboard

  • build indicator data objects to access data sources
  • build ranges and indicators to display data visually
  • build dashboards, add indicators and define interactions between the indicators

SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office

  • access and explore different types of data sources
  • use tasks and wizards to create new analyses and reports

SAS Information Delivery Portal

  • create a personalised portal view
  • view and interact with dashboards, stored processes, and reports

SAS Web Report Studio

  • create and modify reports using different data sources
  • include stored process output in a report

SAS Management Console

  • view metadata about data sources, reports, and analyses
  • view metadata about servers, users, and other settings

Software Addressed

This course addresses Platform for SAS Business Analytics software.

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