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Creating Business Intelligence for Your Organisation 2: Additional Topics - SBA2

This course expands on the knowledge acquired in the Creating Business Intelligence for Your Organisation 1: Essentials course and provides advanced techniques for building SAS Information Maps, SAS reports, SAS Stored Processes, and SAS BI Dashboards. It also introduces SAS Visual BI (JMP software).

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3 days - Classroom

Learn how to

  • administer and create data sources
  • create and exploit dynamic value selection
  • build advanced information maps using SAS Information Map Studio
  • build, schedule, and distribute advanced reports
  • produce advanced stored processes to create dynamic data sources
  • build advanced SAS BI Dashboard applications
  • use SAS Visual BI
  • consolidate information into a business reporting application.

Who should attend:

BI content developers


Before attending this course, you should complete the Creating Business Intelligence for Your Organisation 1: Essentials course.

Course Contents


  • reviewing the platform for SAS Business Analytics environment
  • introducing the course environment and scenario

Administering and Creating Data Sources

  • defining the interaction between the BI content developer and the SAS platform administrator
  • explaining the prompting framework
  • building an OLAP cube with SAS OLAP Cube Studio

Introducing Advanced Reporting Techniques and Roles

  • defining the reporting applications
  • exploring advanced reporting techniques

Creating Information Maps Using Advanced Techniques

  • reviewing SAS Information Maps
  • utilising different data sources
  • exploiting dynamic subsetting of data
  • creating prefilters to subset information map data
  • other information map topics

Creating Stored Processes Using Advanced Techniques

  • reviewing SAS Stored Process concepts
  • review of using SAS Enterprise Guide to create a stored process
  • creating a stored process from a SAS program
  • creating stored process parameters
  • creating a stored process to provide a dynamic data source
  • advanced prompting topics in SAS Stored Processes

Building an Advanced SAS BI Dashboard Application

  • reviewing SAS BI Dashboard
  • building advanced SAS BI Dashboard components

Introducing SAS Visual BI

  • introduction to SAS Visual BI
  • exploring SAS integration with JMP

Consolidating Information into a Business Reporting Application

  • creating the business reporting application

Software Addressed

This course addresses the following software product(s): Platform for SAS Business Analytics, SAS Information Map Studio.

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