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SAS Report Writing 1: Using Procedures and ODS - RPT1

This course teaches you how to create detailed tabular, summary, and listing reports. You also learn how to send report output to the major Output Delivery System (ODS) destinations.


3 days - Classroom

Learn how to

  • use PROC REPORT to generate tabular detail reports, detail reports with subtotals and grand totals, and detail reports with computed columns
  • generate summary reports based on GROUP, ACROSS, or CLASS variables using PROC REPORT and PROC TABULATE
  • insert appropriate summary lines into reports
  • send report output to the RTF, PDF, and HTML destinations
  • change reports using ODS options and style overrides.

Who should attend?

SAS programmers, data managers, report writers, and analysts who must generate reports with the REPORT procedure and the TABULATE procedure and who are familiar with basic SAS procedure syntax and logic


Before attending this course, you should have completed the SAS Programming 1: Essentials course or have equivalent programming experience.

Course Contents

Introduction to the Output Delivery System

  • course logistics
  • sending a report to an ODS destination

Creating Summary Reports with the TABULATE Procedure

  • using basic TABULATE procedure statements
  • enhancing the table
  • adding percentages
  • more about picture formats (self-study)

Advanced TABULATE Procedure Topics

  • handling missing values with PROC TABULATE
  • using ODS STYLE= options with PROC TABULATE
  • working with pages and BY groups
  • controlling row structure and data subsets
  • using multilabel formats with PROC TABULATE
  • working with PROC TABULATE and the listing destination

Creating Detail Reports with the REPORT Procedure

  • using basic REPORT procedure statements
  • adding summary lines
  • computing an additional column
  • working with PROC REPORT in the listing destination (self-study)

Creating Summary Reports with the REPORT Procedure

  • defining and using group variables
  • customisng break lines
  • defining and using across variables

Advanced REPORT Procedure Topics

  • using absolute column names with ACROSS usage
  • working with missing values and PROC REPORT
  • working with STYLE= overrides with PROC REPORT
  • enhancements using the CALL DEFINE statement (self-study)
  • advanced compute block examples (self-study)

Enhancing Reports with ODS

  • adding options to ODS destination statements
  • using additional ODS features (self-study)
  • using cascading style sheets with ODS (self-study}

Style Attributes and their Values (Appendix)

  • attributes for use with the STYLE= options in PROC REPORT and PROC TABULATE

ODS and SAS Enterprise Guide (Appendix)

Software Addressed

This course addresses the following software product(s): Base SAS.

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