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Managing the SAS Marketing Automation Data Environment – MADA54

This course provides an understanding of how to build, extend, and maintain the information map required in a SAS Marketing Automation environment.


1 day - Classroom

Learn how to

  • create an information map for use in SAS Marketing Automation
  • use the information map to generate metadata tables for SAS Marketing Automation
  • create a business context and the necessary definitions using the SAS Customer Intelligence plug-in in SAS Management Console.

Who should attend?

Data modelers, IT administrators, and marketing analysts who want to understand how to set up data for SAS Marketing Automation


Before attending this course, you should have taken the Designing and Executing Marketing Campaigns with SAS Customer Intelligence Studio course or be familiar with SAS Customer Intelligence Studio functionality at the level of the Designing and Executing Marketing Campaigns with SAS Customer Intelligence Studio course. Prior experience with SAS Information Map Studio and SAS Management Console is beneficial but not required.

Course Contents


  • course overview
  • overview of SAS Marketing Automation (self-study)

Creating Information Maps for SAS Marketing Automation

  • What is an information map?
  • getting started with information maps

Working with Data Items and Subjects

  • specifying and organizing data items
  • defining subjects for marketing campaigns
  • assigning subjects

Generating Metadata Tables

  • using SAS Management Console to generate metadata tables
  • troubleshooting metadata generation
  • updating metadata

Enabling Campaigns

  • introduction
  • creating definitions
  • using the common data model

Enhancing the Data Environment

  • using measures
  • calculated data items
  • defining report items and cluster variables (self-study)

Software Addressed

This course addresses Customer Intelligence software.

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