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SAS Enterprise Guide for Experienced SAS Programmers - EGSP43

This course introduces experienced SAS programmers to SAS Enterprise Guide. SAS Enterprise Guide is an interface that enables users to write and submit code, as well as to use point-and-click tasks to generate queries, reports, and graphics.

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2 days - Classroom

Learn how to

  • write, edit, and submit SAS programs in SAS Enterprise Guide
  • use point-and-click tasks and wizards to access data and create queries, reports, and graphics
  • customise task output by modifying the code that is generated by SAS Enterprise Guide
  • use the concept of a SAS Enterprise Guide project to combine SAS programs with point-and-click functionality, including automated exporting and scheduled updates.

Who should attend?

Experienced SAS programmers who want to learn the point-and-click functionality of SAS Enterprise Guide, including the intricacies of using it as a primary programming interface


Before attending this course, you should have taken SAS Programming 1: Essentials or have equivalent experience. You are encouraged but not required to take SAS Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques or have equivalent experience. Learners should have little or no prior exposure to SAS Enterprise Guide.

Course Contents

Getting Started

  • introducing SAS Enterprise Guide
  • benefits of SAS Enterprise Guide for SAS programmers
  • course logistics and navigating the SAS Enterprise Guide environment
  • writing and submitting SAS programs

Working with Data in a Project

  • importing files from sources other than SAS
  • accessing data via SAS libraries

Getting Started with Tasks

  • introduction to tasks and wizards
  • generating frequency counts and summary statistics
  • understanding the generated code
  • interacting with the generated code
  • creating a graph
  • creating a summary report

Creating Simple Queries

  • introduction to querying data
  • filtering and sorting data
  • creating new columns with an expression
  • grouping and summarising data in a query (self study)
  • creating new columns by recoding values (self-study)

Using Prompts in Projects

  • prompting in projects
  • using prompts in tasks and queries
  • using prompts with custom code or SAS programs

Customising and Organising project Results

  • creating HTML, PDF and RTF output
  • creating and applying custom formats
  • combining the output style (self-study)

Learning More

  • SAS resources
  • beyond this course

Software Addressed

This course addresses the following software product(s): SAS Enterprise Guide.

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