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Design of Experiments for Direct Marketing - DOEF92

This course teaches you how to design marketing experiments with more than one factor and how to maximise the information that is gleaned from a marketing campaign.

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2 days - Classroom

Learn how to

  • determine the appropriate sample size for your tests
  • build efficient experimental designs that generate as much information as possible for minimum cost
  • identify challenges associated with analysing experimental designs
  • test as many factors as possible in a given campaign
  • apply well-known experimental design practices to direct marketing efforts.

Who should attend?

Business analysts and market researchers with experience using regression analysis


Before attending this course, you should have completed the Introduction to Statistics using SAS 9.2: ANOVA, Linear Regression & Logistic Regression course or equivalent training and have experience with regression models.

Course Contents:

Efficient Experimentation

  • practical and technical definitions of efficiency

Testing a Single Factor

  • hypothesis testing
  • experimental design terminology
  • power and sample size
  • balance

Testing Multiple Factors

  • two or more factors
  • orthogonality
  • blocking

Too Many Treatments

  • fractional factorials
  • orthogonal arrays
  • optimal design and efficiency
  • augmenting and customising designs

Software Addressed

This course addresses the following software product(s): SAS/QC, SAS/GRAPH. This course also addresses SAS/IML and SAS STAT. Without SAS/IML software you can still generate many of the designs used in this course. Without SAS/QC, none of the designs in the final chapter can be generated.

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